Data protection in the era of massive data

The need to preserve and protect information with backup policies has not changed over the years of technology. What has changed is the nature and especially the volume of that information (and associated data services) making it increasingly complex to perform that task (and the most challenging, as is ensuring recovery capability).
This leads us to look for new models and data protection paradigms that make the task more effective, efficient, predictable … and cheap.

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Growth of non-relational data. Traditional databases are exploding.

Business applications evolve very fast. The functional requirements are more sophisticated and we need to manage more non-relational data (photos, documents, images, videos …)
This need increases by several orders of magnitude the volume of information to be handled, as well as the complexity at software development and, above all, systems operations.

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BigData strategy. How to start?

A bigdata initiative must start with a bigdata strategy. We comment on the recommended approach. Today, a large number of companies from all sectors and sizes (although especially the largest ones) are launching bigdata initiatives, partly due to the pressure of...

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