Tecknolab, the data management innovation startup


Cloud, BigData & Analytics for maximizing business value

Our data efficiency technology and managed Business Intelligence service (InfoRoot) are created to add data value with no complexity.

Intelligent data management


Our solutions are designed for a Cloud efficient data management with minimum efforts, increasing agility.

Applying data analytics techniques we help to transit from legacy on-prem apps in bigdata scenarios without complexity. 

data costs reduction

Our first and flagship solution for intelligent data management, moving content from large enterprise databases to the Cloud with full application transparency, reducing costs, simplifying data protection and improving performance.

automated content integration

With docXtend our customers can easily integrate their business applications with Enterprise Content Management platforms as Alfresco and others. All without adding a single line of code or re-engineering their existing apps.


Business Intelligence managed service for SMBs

InfoRoot is easy, powerful and customized business intelligence (BI) and data analytics for small and midsized companies (SMBs), in a subscription based, managed service model.




In Tecknolab we have in our own company name…


…the three pillars of our vision:


We live and breath technology as the core company asset. Our mission is provide technology to make data management simpler in the new Cloud era.


We work with large datasets and use the techniques and state-of-the-art capabilities to provide to our customers information from data, adding as much value as possible.

Innovation (Lab)

We are cloud native without any legacy process or technology reducing efficiency and value. Working with the most advanced engineering processes to foster agility, maximizing results. 

Contact with us


E-mail: info@tecknolab.com
Phone: +1 888-527-1980
HQ Address: Av. España 17 2ª Of.1
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